Quality Policy

It is the declared intention for CSS Fire Vehicles Ltd, to achieve the highest level of quality in its design, development and manufacture of new vehicles, and CSS Fire Vehicles Ltd, in its support, service, and refurbishment of existing vehicles.

This will be achieved through a commitment to the Company Quality System created in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, and a   team working culture led by management and cascaded throughout all departments.

It is the company’s intention to undertake all key functions with employees who have the necessary skills, training and resources to execute their tasks to World Class standard. This is founded on our belief that quality has to be built in every stage of the process.

Senior management of the business will continually review the Quality Management System and key performance indicators (KPI) regularly to monitor its performance; with a commitment to continuous improvement by monitoring the company’s performance, products and services.

We will strive to ensure that the products and services provided to our customers consistently meet or exceed their expectations.

The Policy Statement is undersigned by the Quality Manager and senior management to confirm the commitment of the entire Management Team.


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